Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What did I ask for?'s exactly what I got.

Butterfly blonde
Butterfly Blonde by Yvonne
What did I ask for? Let's think about this....

I wanted to lose the weight and be just like "normal" people right? What did I beg for, pray for every day for over thirty years? I would have made a deal with the devil if I could have found him to ask. It's embarrassing when I admit to myself the lengths I would have gone to if I could have mustered a little more courage. My fondest wish was to lose the weight that put me in the most severe prison I could ever imagine. My obesity was like living dead.

Today I was answering a message and wanted to share my response. I was explaining that fighting a twenty pound regain made this wonderful lady normal and this is what I said.

"I know without a doubt that my pouch is stretched. I can eat a lot of food but that's OK because my greatest wish was just to get back to normal.... to get a second chance and be like everyone else. I'm just like everyone else now fighting to stay at a normal weight...where it's easy to gain the 10-20 pounds if I'm not careful. I got exactly what I asked for didn't I??"

Unfortunately it is easy to forget that I would have given up a toe or a finger to have only twenty or thirty pounds to lose. That was an impossible dream but now a regain of that much scares me to death. Perception changes everything. I also told her to be careful about the holidays and to recommit right now. Yep the food is awesome during the holidays but how long do we enjoy it? Our high only lasts for few minutes. We even chose a sucky high. Legal...but sucky. Next thing we know we are facing the beginning of the year with another ten pounds that kills our heart and soul. We don't even remember at that point what we ate and how it tasted.

Is it easy?'s never easy but the things worth doing are worth working for.
So be careful for what you wish just might get it.
Then when you get it...remember that it's what you asked for.
And most of grateful for today because like my friend Ramon says, be happy for any day you're above the dirt.

Hugs, Y

p.s. that's a little art piece I did, hope you like it.

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