Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Are you part of the solution or part of the problem?

solution or the problem?Are you part of the solution or part of the problem?

I wrote a blog post called “are you an anchor or a motor” last year and it bears repeating. I hope you’ll read it again or maybe even read it for the very first time.

You know those people that are so quick to jump on everything in an instant?? 0-60 in seconds?  They tell you “But you’re not doing it right!” Control with a capital "C".

If you haven’t seen “Addicted to Food” on the OWN channel I would suggest you view it as soon as possible. Tennie McCarty is brilliant and I love how she talks about dealing with the BIG C. (control) We all need to learn to let go. Have we forgotten some of the simple things? Assume = makes an a$$ out of you and me. When you are pointing at someone = three fingers are pointing back at you. I love this next section by Jack Canfield.

*Are there people in your life who only have to walk into the room and totally drain you of energy? I refer to these people as psychic vampires. They literally suck the life energy right out of you. Stop spending time with them.

Are there people in your life who are always complaining and blaming others for their circumstances? Are these people always judging others, spreading negative gossip, and talking about how bad it is? Stop spending time with them as well.

Are there people in your life who, simply by calling you on the telephone can bring tension, stress, and disorder to your day? Are these dream stealers who tell you that your dreams are impossible and try to dissuade you from believing in and pursuing your goal? Do you have friends who constantly attempt to bring you back down to their level? If so, then it is time for some new friends.

You’re better spending time alone than spending time with people who hold you back with their victim mentality and their mediocre standards.

Make a conscious effort to surround yourself with positive, nourishing, and uplifting people- people who believe in you, encourage you to go after your dreams, and applaud your victories. Surround yourself with possibility thinkers, idealists, and visionaries.

I spent some time with some incredible people at an event in San Francisco and even though some agreed to disagree, we walked away as friends and a new found respect for each other. I had almost forgotten what it felt like. We were all there to be part of the solution and not one person became a part of the problem.

Next time you are about to contribute to the conversation, ask if you are being part of the solution.

The problem is already there...why don't you do something to work on the solution?

*referenced in this post....special thanks to Jack Canfield's "The Success Principles"

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Bridge

by Yvonne McCarthy Bariatric Girl

This past weekend I spoke at the Meet and Greet in Las Vegas and I will be sharing much more but for now it will just be a video.

At the end of my presentation I wrapped it up with "The Bridge". The words are from "The Language of Letting Go by Melanie Beattie. All of the photographs are mine except two. The song was something I wrote years ago and I finally decided to use it for one of my videos. I played guitar and sang and narrated the video. The words are so perfect for us in our community so I hope you'll enjoy it.

I have tons of photographs and videos and experiences to share from the incredible event and it will take me a while to gather them and make sense of it all. So for's The Bridge.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Connie, Rosemary, and Dr. Garth Davis on Houston TV!

Twins Experience Weight Loss Surgery:

How cute is this? 

Twin sisters that will be twins again.

Thank you  (Toni)

Thank you Dr. Garth and Robert Davis.  Connie's dream came true....literally.

Wow...this week so much positive television coverage of the miracle of surgery.