Thursday, November 19, 2009

Featured on Diva Taunia's Backstage Pass

Diva Taunia featured me on her show. These are the kind words she wrote about me.

A lot of you out there have probably already heard of or spoken directly to Yvonne McCarthy. Why? Because she’s an active and prominent member of the WLS, advocating all of the wonderful and dramatic changes your life will go through post-surgery. Yvonne is otherwise known in the WLS community as “Bariatric Girl.”

I first met Yvonne several months ago when she hosted a news segment on me for the WLS Channel News. What I love most about her is that not only is she excited about her own post-surgery life, but she’s excited for other people too. She said lovely things about me in the segment feature, and now I get the opportunity to do the same for her.

Yvonne is 55 yrs old (which is amazing to me, because I thought she was much, much younger) and HOT. Seriously. She’s blonde, vibrant, gorgeous and a super-sweetheart to boot. She had open RNY on 3/31/01, and lost 130 lbs off of her 260 lb frame. She’s maintained that 130 lb loss for the past 8 years, and is an inspiration to all of us that weight loss can be maintained post-surgery.

She documents her journey and other WLS-related topics on her website at There you can find links to her blog, YouTube page, WLS Channel and more. She’s also a Life Coach and passionate animal lover. She does volunteer work for WLS advocacy 24/7 and has a website and organization called RYD Obesity.

Yvonne also plays cello, guitar, and sings and is passionate about music as well. Need some inspiration? You’re sure to find it from this talented and passionate woman. Go check out everyone’s favorite Bariatric Girl today!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Diva Taunia...I'm married to the most wonderful, sweet, HOT 55-yr. old in the world!

Unknown said...

Hi There -

I am seriously considering having surgery. I am 41, married and have 3 kiddos. I'm just so tired of not being able to lose all this baby weight! One of my biggest concerns is all of the "hanging skin" does that happen to everyone in general? Or if you work out is the "sagging" less. Any positve energy you could send my way would be AWESOME!

Tons of Smiles your way!

Jennifer or

Lisa Sargese said...

Hey Yvonne! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Let's be clear. Losing weight helped you and your friends to get out of wheelchairs, resolve co-moribities, etc. Surgery is just one of many vehicles. I may be adding videos to YouTube discussing my experiences. This would not make me a crusader any more than the videos you sent me make you a crusader...or are we both crusaders?? haha I dunno. I think people need to make their own choices in life. People need to get as much information about the options that are out there. Folks deserve support for their decisions either way. Glad you're doing so well!! Peace.

MiniMarc said...

Great tribute to you Yvonne, you deserve it !! And yep I agree with it too, lol you defiantly do not look 55 and hubby IS a lucky devil !