Friday, October 16, 2009

In Oprah's Corn Dog Defense

I wouldn't make it as a famous person for two seconds.

Hollywood spin has always been cruel but I saw it at it's worst last night. Entertainment Tonight did a story about overweight stars. The story started with Mary Hart saying"Oprah chowing down on corn dogs" and a skinny blonde woman (like me except mean) said "Oprah clearly isn’t serious about her weight loss if she’s eating like this."
Corn dogs, as in plural.
They proceed to show Oprah eating "a" corn dog during her visit to the Texas State Fair in Dallas, Texas.

It's a rule, when you go to the Texas State Fair you must eat a Fletcher's corn dog.

Hey can be shot for less than that in Texas. Oprah was here doing her show, hundreds of people at the fair showing her around and shoving food in her face because that's what people do at the fair.
Apparently "In Touch" magazine will be printing an equally cruel article this week so they jumped on the Oprah/corn dog picture right away....added the meany blonde who ruins it for all blondes and the "O" story continues.
I feel for Oprah.
She'll probably not be making any return trips back to the State Fair of Texas any time soon. They are probably making edits to the Oprah show at this very minute on any dialogue referring to corn dogs and I wouldn't blame them.
By the way...even though you won't catch me eating "things super bad for me" very often, I WILL be having a corn dog if I make it to the fair this year.
Remember, it's the law.


Ginger Rock said...

I truely wish they would leave this woman alone she is human just like the rest of us!!! She has struggled with her weight all her life just like a lot of us! I cannot imagine what it would be like to be put under a microscope every day of my life!!! Watched to see what I put in my mouth!!! She must have very tough skin because I think I would have crumbled long ago!! Oprah, you are beautiful, intelligent women that I for one respect very much!!! Live your life and don’t listen to the insensitive comments of these people.

Dr Monash said...

It is very difficult to maintain a healthy weight and goals when under the public scrutiny at every moment, not to mention her busy lifestyle. Great article.